Balanced Zen Line Stage

Hi , This was my first DIY project, I started in August 2002 and I have finished with the front panel in February 2004. But the BOSOZ was still working since March 2003. Parts list: I build this preamp with the original part list. All components for the main board and the PSU were bought by Digi-Key. I purchased all other parts from: transformer, XLR RCA plugs, blue LED, silver wire, volume potentiometer Build All PCB were build by a local producer. The selection board is not from the N Pass but from . I design my own board with Eagle from the original diagram. With this board we have 2 XLR and 4 RCA input and a tape out. I build the full case with aluminum and the front panel is made with sipo wood tinted in acajou. I sue 3 and 4mm plate to build the case. The front and the back panel are in 3 and the other in 4. Dimensions are: 450 W x 280cm D x 80 H. This preamp sound like a dream with my Zen4, I am very happy with the result. It sounds very clear, transparent and dynamic for all bandwidths First thanks to N Pass for this nice preamp, Seungyun Lee for his selection board and all other peoples who help me and especially all DIY fanatic: D Best regards from France .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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