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I’m honored to present you my version of the AX in this beautiful PassDiy gallery. A very big Thank You to all the people at Passdiy and DiyAudio, for sharing they’re knowledge. This AX consists of two monoblocks; both are a little different from a mechanical point of view. Maybe one day I’ll improve the first one with the better findings of the second one. The differences are not very big, and solely aesthetical. The B+, B- and the output rails of the second one are made from solid copper, and the point to point soldering are a little improved as well. The massive 1KVA transformers are from ILP and even after playing for hours they only get slightly warm. The bridge rectifiers are IR 26MB40A. The capacitor banks are BC Components 47.000µF 40V, in a CRCRC combination. The current source of the front-end is build around a TL431CLP driving the IRF9610 diff-pair. The power mosfets are all IRFP240. Total bias is around 6A. It was a great joy to build such a nice amp, and as always the mechanical parts was the most difficult. I kept things as simple as possible. There is no front and no top cover; the back is made of some kind of Plexy. Only 24 M4 screws are holding the whole chassis together and the result is very solid. I honestly must say that I never heard a more musical amp than the AX. Still it is connected single ended. One day I hope I find the time to fabricate a nice balanced preamp, which should improve things even further. A more in-dept story can be found at Diyaudio.com; Look for Industrial AX High Power version. Hugo De Groote .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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