Miscellaneous Projects

After the construction of A 5 and L, I built the Pearl phono and finally the Ono. The sound of Pearl phono was much better than my Naim's with a Shure V15. But the sound of ONO is much much greater with a Benz Ace. With this phono amp I want always to listen music from my analog source and not from my CD player. For PSU and for one channel I used a toroidal transformer 50 VA, a total capacitance of 33600 microfarads before the regulation and finally 24000 microfarads. For the MC section two capacitors of 3900 microfarads each. The resistors are metal film 1% and holco at the path of the signal. Instead of 2SC1844, 2SA991 I used BC550, BC560 (It was too hard to find the same in Europe). I am sending you a few photos of my construction and a photo of my Pearl phono. I would like to thank everyone at the Pass Labs and specially Mr. N. Pass. Kostas A. Vazakas

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