Miscellaneous Projects

The honor is yours. The Amplifier is sounding very good & very powerful. Even a Mini-A. I start my amplifier project in 2 Year ago. Because I fail to buy a second-hand A3 at local, I am upset and start to buy components for my A3 project. After my A3 finish, I build a Mini-A with extra parts. I put it in a paper box for 2 Year. And has been borrowing to my friend to run in his speaker. Recently I buy a full range speaker with 4-inch unit, so I re-Housing it for better look & keep small. They are made for each other. I use two Heatsink that is for high power solid state relay size at 10x10x10cm, and Layout an PCB to fit in. Since Amplifier has very good sounding, I use very good components. ERO resistor & ROE cap. Using Binder Clips to mount the MOSFET on Heatsink. So I don't need to drill screw hole on heatsink. I use +/- 16V supply, and 1A Bias. The heatsink is about 60 degree (C). Use CORNELL DUBIUER 13000uF/50V cap. 6 for each channel, and hook both channels together. Because I only use one transformer for both channel. I did not use CRC or CLC in Power block. I found a suitable case that is a tissue box, resulting very well. Forte Lore .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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