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About me
My Name is Robert S. Perry, I have had some bumpy roads, but enjoy the simple pleasure's of life. Music and my Aleph 3 have provided me an endless array of beautiful simplicity.

This project was built in 2001 with help from Wayne (spending an hour on the phone with me) and going through the Digi-Key and Mouser catalogs making sure I would receive the best possible parts. I did make some mistakes on the thermistors, I went by the wiring diagram, and they were at the input. I put them on the power supply side, I divided it as I wanted it to be dc powered, no hum, I know there is no feedback, which brings out everything. I built this amp as a tribute to the fallen Twin Towers at the time, a time that still brings tears to my eye's. This Amp is 12 years old, I reform the caps every year, and it is awesome, beyond belief. I could never have done this build, without the support of Nelson Pass and Wayne Colburn, Paul and Jo Lysholdt (my in-laws of Lyco Lectro, they helped a lot, very smart/caring people)and the good ole pats on the back they would all so freely give me for my work. So my current set up is : The Aleph 3 and Klipsch rf-7's (104db) and twin svs pc-13 ultra dsp 1000's. I love it. Time for a new project, ROCK ON!

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