Spencer Cheung

Balanced Zen Line Stage

This is my first project of your design after reading so much information in Pass DIY wedsite. First, sorry no casing and blue LED yet. 1. I use normal components except some holco resistor and film capacitor from Rifa and 10uF E-cap from Elna. 2. I try IRF620 first and then later change to IRF610 and find that 610 does give better high frequency. 3. No volume control but output drive my 300B amp using 10K Alps VR at Valve amp. input. 4. I find base is not enough and increase the coupling cap from 10uF to 28uF film cap (like your Aleph-P). 5. All E-cap for power supplier bypass by 0.22uf film cap from Epcos. 6. Power supply is separate using PC power supply casing. 7. Only use in unbalance mode and will change to balance mode as my DAC which can drive both balance and unbalance out (CS4398 evaluation board from Cirrus Logic). The sound is better than my valve pre-amp and thus I decided to build a power amp but have not decided which to build yet. Possibly Aleph 3 or Son of Zen at about 30W. Thank you again for sharing your design and I want tell you that there are a lot of people DIY your design in the World including China. Best Regards, Spencer Cheung Hong Kong .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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